My troublesome root partition issue

Last night I detected that my / partion on OpenBSD was full. I found out that my two devices sd0 (the SSD with RAID) and sd1 (The encrypted disk used under sd0) took up more space then it supposed to, they where 811MB each and filling up my 1G root partition and thus my system was almost unusable. Of course I have 9 partitions in total, plus swap. The root partition is default to 1G during the install but when the dev-nodes take up so much space for a reason unknown to me, I had trouble.

So what I did was booting into to bsd.rd kernel during boot: > boot bsd.rd

Entered the shell after boot.

# cd /dev # sh MAKEDEV sd0 sd1

I use GPT initialize the drives: # fdisk -iy -g -b 960 sd0 # fdisk -iy -g -b 960 sd1

Then I used disklabel

# disklabel -E sd1 > Label editor (enter '?' for help at any prompt)

sd1> d b This deletes the swap. Assuming swap is the b-partition.

sd1*> m a This modifies the a-partition.

offset: [1024] Leave as is.

size: [10489408] 2G Decide new new size for the root partition.

FS type: [4.2BSD] Leave as is.

Now let's recreate the swap space. sd1*> a b

offset: [10490432] At the end of partition a.

size: [8646336] The rest for swap.

FS type: [swap] Leave as is.

sd1> q To quit and save changes.

Now it's time to grow the partition via the command growfs(8)

# growfs sd1a

And run fsck. # fsck /dev/sd1a

now reboot and hopefully your / is now usable and bigger :–)