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I've just donated $12 to Tusky. Consider donating too, every little helps! https://opencollective.com/tusky?referral=32452

Spleen is the new default font in OpenBSD, thanks to Frederic Cambus.

Monospaced bitmap fonts for consoles, terminals, and code editors.

available in 5 sizes: 1. 5x8 2. 8x16 3. 12x24 4. 16x32 5. 32x64

I personally installed the fonts on both Mac OS X and Arch Linux without any issues. The fonts are looking really great.

As seen on reddit. CloudFlare's public DNS manually manipulates the .org zone for its users, setting a scary precedent.

This is a list I wrote about a year ago, but it's still accurate:

  • It's not really free. It's like a drug dealer “First ones free”.
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Forced to use Comodo for SSL. Comodo's CEO is a sleazebag.
  • Can't use Let's Encrypt for SSL
  • Can't use your own SSL
  • Decrypts SSL traffic, breaking End-To-End Encryption.
  • Cooperates with tyrannical governments
  • Provides services to terrorists, child pornographers, and so on
  • Has no “vetting” process for new customers
  • Does not protect your website from hacking
  • Doesn't provide any value to 99% of websites
  • Cloudflare's CEO is an ego-maniac who believes he controls the entire internet.

More details on SSL decryption:

Keyless SSL requires that Cloudflare decrypt, inspect and re-encrypt traffic > for transmission back to a customer’s origin.''

Source: https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/keyless-ssl/

By doing that, Cloudflare is violating the trust between users and server operators and making the SSL certificate itself worthless. A website cannot be considered “Secure” if the traffic is decrypted by a man in the middle.

I usually use Vultr, my referral link to host my cloud images for misc purposes. I also got a couple of VPS running OpenBSD.

I used Romans awesome guide for upgrading it to 6.4.

Hi! I have been real busy recently with my new studies. I am studying Programme in Specialist Nursing – Prehospital Nursing for 50% at the same time I am working 85%. To top that up I got a family with two wildering kids of the ages 5 and 2. So this is time consuming.

Hopefully you understand why I have not got the time to write anything for a long time.

As far as I know there is not many cloud providers offering opensuse, so I pulled up my own image to vultr. Since they allow me to use practically any ISO of my choosing.

On OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Void Linux, Manjaro, Debian, Fedora and more..

I read an article found here.

This article is written back in 2015, a wee bit old as pointed out by kungtotte.

kungtotte – @iah buyer beware if you want to use Windows ever and use the same editor. Vim8 works a lot better on that platform and it supports async now too. It's fairly trivial to turn an init.vim into a vimrc or vice versa though, so I guess it's moot.

Trying out the fediverse interaction. To follow this blog on your favorite fediverse platform just search for @blog@felaktig.info

You really made me love you. I remember way back when I tried FreeBSD for the first time. It was a new and fresh breeze of air hitting me. And now years later I deployed openbsd on a vultr vps. It works wonderfully. And yes it just works. Reading a lot of nice man pages and the initial configuration is just awesome.

After reading https://www.romanzolotarev.com how could I not?

Deploying the instance on vultr, referral link as I'm writing this.

I noticed ITSFOSS wrote about being able to right click on images to get a resize option in Nautilus. This is a really handy tool instead of opening Gimp or any other image tool.

But this is not the optimal way to resize images in KDE. Since KDE is not using Nautilus or the GTK+, or the GIMP toolkit. The default file manager is Dolphin. There once was a tool called KIM (KDE Image Menu) but it seems to not have been updated in 14 years. So after some digging around I found something called ReImage, the latest release is 2.3. With this addon you can Manipulate images and its metadata directly in Dolphin.

You can find additional service menu addons here.

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