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I've just donated $12 to Tusky. Consider donating too, every little helps! https://opencollective.com/tusky?referral=32452

Spleen is the new default font in OpenBSD, thanks to Frederic Cambus.

Monospaced bitmap fonts for consoles, terminals, and code editors.

available in 5 sizes: 1. 5x8 2. 8x16 3. 12x24 4. 16x32 5. 32x64

I personally installed the fonts on both Mac OS X and Arch Linux without any issues. The fonts are looking really great.

As seen on reddit. CloudFlare's public DNS manually manipulates the .org zone for its users, setting a scary precedent.

This is a list I wrote about a year ago, but it's still accurate:

  • It's not really free. It's like a drug dealer “First ones free”.
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Forced to use Comodo for SSL. Comodo's CEO is a sleazebag.
  • Can't use Let's Encrypt for SSL
  • Can't use your own SSL
  • Decrypts SSL traffic, breaking End-To-End Encryption.
  • Cooperates with tyrannical governments
  • Provides services to terrorists, child pornographers, and so on
  • Has no “vetting” process for new customers
  • Does not protect your website from hacking
  • Doesn't provide any value to 99% of websites
  • Cloudflare's CEO is an ego-maniac who believes he controls the entire internet.

More details on SSL decryption:

Keyless SSL requires that Cloudflare decrypt, inspect and re-encrypt traffic > for transmission back to a customer’s origin.''

Source: https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/keyless-ssl/

By doing that, Cloudflare is violating the trust between users and server operators and making the SSL certificate itself worthless. A website cannot be considered “Secure” if the traffic is decrypted by a man in the middle.

I usually use Vultr, my referral link to host my cloud images for misc purposes. I also got a couple of VPS running OpenBSD.

I used Romans awesome guide for upgrading it to 6.4.

Hi! I have been real busy recently with my new studies. I am studying Programme in Specialist Nursing – Prehospital Nursing for 50% at the same time I am working 85%. To top that up I got a family with two wildering kids of the ages 5 and 2. So this is time consuming.

Hopefully you understand why I have not got the time to write anything for a long time.

As far as I know there is not many cloud providers offering opensuse, so I pulled up my own image to vultr. Since they allow me to use practically any ISO of my choosing.

I just signed up for reddit, once again.

As you may have seen before I deleted my account since I do not like what reddit has become.

But for reasons I have considered, since I removed myself from the service, I feel the need to read/write on some subreddits.


On OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Void Linux, Manjaro, Debian, Fedora and more..

I read an article found here.

This article is written back in 2015, a wee bit old as pointed out by kungtotte.

kungtotte – @iah buyer beware if you want to use Windows ever and use the same editor. Vim8 works a lot better on that platform and it supports async now too. It's fairly trivial to turn an init.vim into a vimrc or vice versa though, so I guess it's moot.

I have for a long time thinking of ditching Twitter for good. One thing I still use is lists. I haven't gotten around to making it work on Mastodon. Anyone got a tip?

So how do I ditch it completely?

Trying out the fediverse interaction. To follow this blog on your favorite fediverse platform just search for @dup@dup.space

You really made me love you. I remember way back when I tried FreeBSD for the first time. It was a new and fresh breeze of air hitting me. And now years later I deployed openbsd on my vultr vps. It works wonderfully. And yes it just works. Reading a lot of nice man pages and the initial configuration is just awesome.

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